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How it works?

We poll AdFreeway social's, registered, users for their opinions on your ad creatives. Voters are rewarded for sharing their data and real-time sentiments that we use to produce unique additions to your campaign audience. We do this by applying voting and domain data to a cohort of millions of curated ID's to discover the best creative fit to your target.

Media spend is optimized to match the right ad creative to the right audience, improving your campaign performance and getting more views from your ideal customers.

You gain better insights about your campaign and voters get rewarded for participating! Together we create socially responsible advertising.

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Enhanced audience targeting to optimize ad campaign delivery and improve performance

Creative Feedback

Our vote data uncovers new insights into the relationship between ad creatives and your audience.

Smart Bidding

Reach customers wherever they are online with automatic ad placement through programmatic bidding.


Expand your reach, boost recognition and engage new audiences with enhanced campaign targeting.


Measure and optimize your ad campaign with the Advanced Performance Dashboard.

Advanced performance dashboard

Gain valuable insights into your ads with the Performance Dashboard. Make smarter business decisions based on detailed reports, voting data and audience segmentation.

  • Uncover your top-performing ads and locations
  • Monitor clicks and votes for each ad creative
  • Compare audience size, activity and device usage
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The AdFreeway Business Portal facilitates CPM campaigns only. If you want to run a campaign with different objectives (CPC, CPA, CPO, CPV etc.) reach out to us here.

If your business aims to reach new customers and improve campaign performance then AdFreeway is a great fit.

You need to supply your own creatives. Good creatives are important in all advertising campaigns. It's even better if you have multiple variations. AdFreeway's targeting capabilities will make sure that the right version is seen by the right people.
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